Gurhan Silver Jewelry

Turkish jewelry designer Gurhan is renowned in international circles for his line of 24k gold jewelry. When Gurhan’s jewelry was introduced in the United States in 1997, the collection was considered a breath of fresh air in the world of designer jewelry. More recently, Gurhan introduced pure silver to his collection and it has been a tremendous success. Finely wrought with the hammered finish we all love, and crafted in blackened silver, white silver, and sometimes in combination with 24k gold accents, each piece is a work of art. Beautiful bangles with 24k insets, link necklaces in looping ovals of light and dark silver, pendants set with 24k centers filled with pave diamonds, and delicate drop earrings have become his new signature. Wear Gurhan silver with jeans, a classic bracelet and earrings with business dress, or accent your little black dress or evening gown with long flake earrings and necklace. And don’t forget to accent a simple dress with one of Gurhan’s large statement rings!

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2 thoughts on “Gurhan Silver Jewelry

  1. I am interested in the price of the heavy chain with the gold link. Would also know if is a one of a kind and the length of it. I need at least 17 inches to 18 inches. 16″ is too short for my neck.

    • Hi Christine. The necklace is fabulous and we do have one in stock. You can find it on our website under Designer Jewelers – Gurhan – Necklaces and it is pictured on the second page, 4th line down at the far right. The piece is 20″ in length and you will see it is priced at 3,995.00. Gurhan is a Turkish designer and as such, the necklace is not one-of-a-kind. It may be possible to have Gurhan adjust the length for you, but you will want to speak with our Repairs and Special Orders department who will best be able to answer the details of that question. You can reach that department Monday through Friday 9:30-6pm Mountain Time. Thank you for your comments and we look forward to hearing from you. Becky

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